The toughness of the year of 2020 in Kenya

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The year 2020 has been challenging for everybody in Kenya and the entire world. No one likes terrible times. The year 2020 will be held memorable by everybody in the whole world. Kenya, being a developing country, has been hit vigorously by the virus. We all ushered in the new year with joyous cries, and no one ever knew that the year would be tough. It was the first time in this generation to experience such a mysterious year full of grief.
Here are the reasons why 2020 has been the worst year in the last decade in Kenya.

Locusts infestation

Locusts visited Kenya through northern and eastern regions and started to spread towards central counties. The locusts feasted on every green item that they came across. That resulted in the loss of farm produce that was already in the fields.

According to a report by The Guardian, Kenyan pastoralists were combated by the most devastating experience in their history. Their livestock died of hunger within a brief period. People starved for days because the locusts ate all the produce in their farms.

The desert locust is considered to be the most destructive migration pest in the entire world. Unfortunately, the multiplication rate is also high such that we still have locusts born in Kenya.


Have you ever been caught up in this situation before? While dealing with the locusts, another deadly virus emerges in your country. You will now starve because of locusts and get infected with the Coronavirus. I must say that I tensed (everybody was) when the virus was first reported in Kenya. The burden was too heavy to carry.

The Coronavirus ( Covid-19) was first reported in the Wuhan district in China in December 2019, and then it spread across the world. The first case in Kenya was registered on 13th March 2020. This day’s information changed the life of many people in the country.
The Coronavirus caught the whole world unaware; no one ever thought that there would come a time when the world will be faced with the same challenge, and in this case, a fatal challenge. Coronavirus has claimed over a million lives in the last year in the entire world regardless of age or race.

Nothing will ever be the same again, even after the virus ends. People’s hearts have been heavy due to the pandemic. Everybody has been living in fear of the future. We have been losing our leaders, colleagues, friends, and family daily. No one knows who is next.
People have died, leaving behind orphans, widows, and widowers. 2020 has indeed proven that life is short, and no one knows their time to depart.

Job losses

The teachers who the government did not employ were the first people to lose their jobs. Can you imagine losing a job that fed you and your family for an unknown period? Research done by the Business Daily reported that over 1.7 million jobs were lost by June 2020.

During the first three months of the corona narrative in Kenya, many people were given compulsory unpaid leaves, pay cuts, and the worst scenario-loosing jobs. Times and moments will never be the same again for them.

Money stopped flowing in their lives, but bills had to be paid. As a result, the most significant number of people in the country may never provide basic needs to their loved ones the way they used to do before the pandemic.

Collapsed businesses

Companies have collapsed due to decreased profits. Cessation of movement around the globe resulted in a considerable loss of market and a terrible economy. It will take a reasonable amount of time to stabilize the economy in Kenya.

Business time was lost due to new curfew Laws which emerged due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, this can never be compensated because time is like a river; you can never touch the same drop twice. In addition, import and export businesses were interrupted due to the disruption of global supply chains.

School closure

2020 is the first year in history whereby schools were closed for nine months in Kenya due to the virus. As a result, national examinations for final years, which are done in October and November, are not done. The long holidays resulted in child abuse, teen pregnancies, and increment in school dropouts. According to the ministry of education, it will take two to three years for the school calendar to be normal again in Kenya.

Transport sector hit in the year of 2020

The cessation of movement and the enforced dusk to dawn curfew Laws in Kenya which started on 27th March 2020, hit the matatu sector terribly. Matatus were used to transport goods since passengers were being restricted from moving. Those who remained in the passenger transport sector hiked the fare to deal with daily and monthly expenses.


The year 2020 will be held memorable for everybody, majorly because of the impacts of the coronavirus. Those who lost their loved ones and their jobs are the ones who will feel it most. Things have been challenging in everything. We should all pray never to experience another year like 2020 because it has been too much to handle.

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