How to secure financial freedom in 5 years

Budgeting is a way of gaining financial freedom

What is financial freedom in the first place? Financial freedom, what ticks in your mind if you hear the phrase? Well, this depends on your take as an individual. There are so many definitions of financial freedom, but I’m going to tell you the best of all. To secure financial freedom means having complete control … Read more

Why there is no longer job security

Introduction Jobs security is always in the mind of every employee or anyone who is seeking a job. But, unfortunately, the plain truth is that there are no longer secure jobs in the current world. When I was in secondary school, I heard of people who had stayed in one job for over a decade. … Read more

Financial mistakes that pull you behind

Financial mistakes are becoming a norm in the current time that we are in. These mistakes may be unnoticed at the beginning, but in a short period, they would have caused a long term financial Everyone has a big dream of achieving ultimate financial freedom, but that can remain just a mere dream due to … Read more

How to leave your comfort zone

A Comfort zone is that environment when someone feels safe and secure. Everyone has a life to live. We are all given equal Time whether we are poor or rich (24 hours a day). How you spend your time is all upon you. Have you ever thought of leaving your comfort zone? I mean that … Read more

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