15 Profitable Businesses to Start With 10k in Kenya

As Kenya’s unemployment rate rises daily, most people find it hard to survive in these tough economic times. Indeed, we have millions of unemployed people in the country. Statistics show that the unemployment rate has increased since 2016 from 2.16% to 5.5% in 2022. However, there are businesses to start with 10k in Kenya that … Read more

Cost of Starting a Barber Shop in Kenya

Barbershop signpost

A barbershop/ Kinyozi is among the most profitable businesses you can start in Kenya. With more women joining the shaving club, you have guaranteed clients for your business. However, most of you are asking about the cost of starting a barber shop in Kenya. Well, the cost of starting a Kinyozi business depends on the … Read more

Selling a Business in Kenya: What You Should Know

Over the last few years, businesses in Kenya and worldwide have not been doing so well. The economy has been bad for a while now, and people and businesses are finding it hard to survive. Also, sickness, change in customer behavior, change of career, etc., can make you consider selling a business in Kenya. However, … Read more

Grocery Business in Kenya: Full Guide

Grocery business in Kenya

Have you ever wondered whether grocery business people make profits? Well, ‘mama mboga’ makes lots of profits, especially those in busy streets in any town in Kenya. You can also start a grocery business in Kenya and make profits. In this guide, I will show you how to start a grocery business in Kenya—small or … Read more

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