Fruit Business in Kenya: Mutua’s Experience

Fruits business in Kenya

Kenyans and other people worldwide have noticed the importance of fruits in their daily meals. As a result, the fruit business in Kenya has been booming in the busy streets and markets across the country.  That said, I managed to interview a fruit businessman in Makueni County, Mutua. A good percentage of the fruits sold … Read more

Malimali Business in Kenya: Rose’s Experience

Malimali business in Kenya is a type of business investment in which you can sell a wide range of products, from utensils and other household items and electronics to all sorts of plastics. This business gives you a leeway to dive into the business fraternity with capital starting from Ksh.20k. A Malimali business thrives in … Read more

Is Diaper Business Profitable in Kenya?

You can start a diaper business and try to make money in Kenya. With thousands of newborns daily in Kenya, you are assured of a continued flow of customers, from infant diapers to adult diapers. However, is the diaper business profitable in Kenya? Well, this blog explains whether the diaper business is profitable in Kenya. … Read more

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